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The real estate industry is broken.... for business owners that is  

Think about it...

You started a business, and moved from space to space to meet your current needs as the business grew. 

But here's the problem.

You probably overlooked some important questions along the way. Should you lease or buy or build? What's it mean for your bottom line? What's your exit strategy?

And despite what you heard in grade school, there are wrong answers.

I'm not here to sell you anything. Instead, I want to offer you a challenge - a 30-minute Commercial Real Estate Strategy Challenge.  

With just a small time commitment, you'll be thinking about real estate differently - and ready to grow your business and personal wealth.

Sound too good to be true? Let's dive in.


What to expect during the 30-minute real estate strategy challenge

You're busy and your time is precious, so I want to give you all the info up-front.

You've probably felt it at some point in your career. You walked into someone's business and thought... "these guys have it right."

Was it the layout? Finishes? Warehouse efficiency? What you don't see is the planning that went into it. Or how it impacts their business growth and strategy.

That's where the real estate strategy challenge comes in. We'll cover a whole host of topics that matter to you and your business.

Real estate strategy areas of analysis 

  • Real estate ownership structures - legal implications
  • Taxes
  • Business risk and asset diversification
  • Personal and business goals
  • Financing techniques
  • Capital structure and balance sheet considerations
  • Current and future space needs
  • Short and long-term business growth - strategy implications
  • Operational efficiency and culture
  • Evolving workplace strategy challenges
  • Exit planning

Sounds like a lot for 30-minutes, right? Well, it is.

But this isn't your typical 15-minutes of chit chat, 10-minutes of content, and 5-minutes of my hard-sell. 

It's a 30-minute strategy deep dive to overlay your real estate situation on top of your business goals. And I'll consider it a failure if I don't leave you with a couple of ideas to think about.




CRE strategy challenge outcomes 

After 30 minutes together, you'll be thinking about the real estate angle of your business in new ways. Expect to leave our time together with:

  1. A new outlook on real estate strategy
  2. An understanding of how real estate impacts your business
  3. Steps to leverage real estate to meet your personal and business wealth goals
  4. 3x actionable steps you can take today to begin optimizing your real estate
  5. 1x long-term strategy to better align your real estate and business strategies

Who should be interested?

Every business owner or organizational decision-maker.

It doesn't matter if you lease your space, own it, or just built yourself a new facility. These concepts are broadly applicable and there's immense value in understanding how to overlay your real estate and business goals. 

So if you want to start thinking about business, real estate, and wealth in ways that others don't, this 30-minute challenge is for you. 


Real estate strategy challenge details

I already told you I wouldn't waste your time - so here're the details for our meeting:

Duration: 30-minutes

Location: Your office (Zoom if out of town)

Meeting agenda:

Minutes 1-4: Introductions and brief market overview

Minutes 5-9: Personal/professional goals and exit strategy

Minutes 10-13: Business growth projections

Minutes 14-18: Current and future space needs

Minutes 19-21: Ownership structures

Minutes 22-24: Finance and balance sheet 

Minutes 26-27: Space planning and operations

Minutes 28-30: Takeaways

Sign up: Book your time on my calendar below 👇

Resources: In addition to our meeting outcomes, you'll receive a recording and AI-created transcript of our conversation, in addition to screenshots of any whiteboard notes, etc. 




Still not sold?

We recently sat down with a local capital equipment intensive manufacturer. Their growth had plateaued - stagnated by space constraints, layout inefficiencies, and management issues.

They've always leased. Every broker asked the same 3 questions - when, where, and how much. And every banker said they didn't have the equity to buy or build. 

They were in a bind.

After 30 minutes together, we crafted an actionable long-term plan that solved these challenges. Now they're on their way to building their long-term facility, achieving 3x growth with only 1.5x more space, subsidizing their mortgage through tenants, and building equity towards a retirement asset after business exit. 

Our 30-minute commercial real estate strategy challenge is a game-changer

Instead of looking at your real estate and business as one entity, think of it as two separate portfolios. 

Maybe you want to reduce your tax exposure. Or you need capital for growth. Or maybe you don't even think you have a problem, but some of this resonates. 

Whatever the situation, there's a solution.

But it begins by considering that maybe the real estate industry hasn't put your business first. Because what works for them, doesn't work for you.

Marsh & Partners can help begin to connect the dots for you. Book your 30-minute real estate challenge here.