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Putting Real Estate Development Investing Within Reach

We hear your complaints. 

There is a ton of cash out there, and deals are hard to come by. It's even so competitive that the quality deals often never hit the market.

We understand your pain, we're investors too.

And becoming a "deal insider" takes time and resources - it's endless networking, reference checks, and pitching your previous deal case studies.

And what about targeting properties via cold call and direct mail? They're great methods, but often time-consuming and hard to scale. And unless your pitch is different from the last 100 people that called them, your odds at winning the deal are slim. 

Syndicated Financing Might be the Answer

Are you interested in real estate investing but don't have the capital means, access, or expertise to do it by yourself? Or are you already an investor that's plateaued and struggling to scale your portfolio at the pace you want?

Learn more about how syndicated financing can help and download our free 19 Page guide below.



Wall Street spends billions of dollars every year marketing stocks and bonds as the common investments available to main street investors. 


The truth is, real estate offers the upsides of both stocks and bonds, in addition to various other tangible and intangible benefits.

Investment in real estate provides:

  • a hedge against inflation
  • multiple profit centers through both cash flow and appreciation
  • the ability to use leverage
  • lower risk and volatility than other investments
  • tax benefits
  • physical control

You might be leery. After all, you've stumbled upon a real estate services firm trying to sell you on investing in real estate. But that's actually why our founder, Matt Marsh, was drawn to real estate in the first place.

He saw it as an opportunity to free people from the shackles of traditional investments and he's made it his mission to spread the message. 

Why Doesn't Everyone Invest This Way?

You might also be wondering that if it's so great, why isn't everyone doing it? The wealthy and well-connected benefit from keeping you in the dark. And there are barriers for everyone else - that are both real and worth discussing. 

First, available capital, experience, and time can be a real roadblock. 

Second, a large population of people still don't know about it. 

And that's where Marsh & Partners comes in. Real estate syndication tackles the first, and this free guide can help you on your path to the second.

Why using Syndicated Financing to Invest in Development is a GameChanger

Real estate syndication bridges the gap between eager investors and an asset class that offers unmatched opportunities. 

And not only will this guide explain syndication, how it supports passive investment, and how it democratizes investment for main street investors - but how development can offer scale and diversification to your portfolio. 

Let Marsh & Partners connect the dots for you. Fill out the quick form below and get your free copy of the ebook today! 


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