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Landowners are the forgotten class of real estate owner

The biggest challenge landowners face today is figuring out what to do with their property.

There's a ton of information out there about real estate - everything from fix and flip strategies and real estate syndication to apartment investing. But there isn't nearly as much available information on land.

And the reason is that most people don't truly understand land - how to study land, develop it, or maximize its value.

Even many real estate developers don't completely grasp the development process or understand how to really analyze a property.

That presents a huge challenge for landowners. Because if you don't understand how to value a property or what goes into developing it, you can't begin to maximize its value

But like most things in real estate, Marsh & Partners is challenging the status quo. We've assembled a 40+ page guide for landowners that covers everything they need to know about owning, selling, and maximizing the value of their property. 

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Before you do anything, the first step is figuring out what your land is worth

And no... it's not just as simple as comparing your property to recently sold land on Zillow.

So much goes into valuing land - access to utilities, usable soils, zoning & allowed land use, topography.... the list goes on.

But by understanding how to value a property, you'll be able to make much more informed decisions.

Because as a landowner, you have a series of complex decisions that ultimately impact how you'll handle the property:

  • Should you sell a property "as-is" or do some real estate due diligence before selling it?
  • Should you hire a real estate consultant to help you increase the land value?
  • Should you develop the property yourself?

None of these decisions come without consequences. Because depending on what decision you make, you might be leaving money on the table or taking on more risk than you're comfortable with.

But even if you aren't thinking about selling your property, it's worthwhile to understand how to value land and strategies to maximize its value. 


And that's where the 'Complete Landowners Guide' comes in

This isn't theory.

We took all our real-world experience and experience working with property owners and condensed it into a 'Complete Landowners Guide' to help you make more informed decisions about your land.

I've fumbled through my own land ownership challenges. I struggled to figure out which real estate due diligence tasks were necessary and in what order to do them. I couldn't determine how to analyze a property's highest and best use. I thought I had all these great ideas but no real actionable guide or process to make good decisions

And because there aren't a ton of land experts out there, I didn't know who to turn to for advice.

So I figured it out for myself. And ultimately, it cost me time, money, and lots of headaches. It was a lonely feeling. 

But just because I dealt with it doesn't mean you have to as well. That's why I put together this guide, and I believe it will change your life as a landowner.

The Complete Landowners Guide is your blueprint for owning, selling, and maximizing the value of land. Not every piece of land calls for the same highest & best use. And not every personal situation calls for the same exit strategy. So we've included everything you need to know, regardless of your situation or the type of property you own, to help you make better property decisions. 


This checklist was built with several people in mind...

I'm not sure how you stumbled upon this guide. But we built it with several people in mind, and if you're like most, you probably fall into one of several buckets:

  • You inherited a property that was owned by your family for generations. You know it's worth something but aren't quite sure how to best proceed.
  • You bought a property as an investment. It's appreciated in value, and you're trying to best structure your real estate exit strategy.
  • You're an experienced landowner that may lack practical expertise in determining how to best maximize land value.
  • You're an inexperienced landowner that needs to learn everything about landownership - everything from how to value a property to strategies for minimizing taxes.  

What you'll find in the Complete Landowners Guide

As a landowner, your decisions don't happen in a vacuum. The market may dictate when it makes sense to sell a property. Or your personal goals may inform your land real estate investing exit strategy.

Arm yourself with the tools to be able to answer those questions by downloading the guide below.  

The landowner's guide is broken down into several broad categories and covers a wide range of topics, including:

  • Valuing land
  • When it's the right time to sell a property
  • Maximizing property value
  • Land entitlements
  • Real estate due diligence
  • Landowner real estate exit strategies
  • Tax mitigation strategies
  • Landowner FAQs

This 'Complete Landowner's Guide' is extensive, and you might feel overwhelmed at first. But that's okay - this is meant to be a one-stop shop for everything you need to consider. 

We've included everything you need to know as a landowner to make smarter, more profitable decisions.


As a landowner, doing your own real estate due diligence is critical!

There's no instruction manual when it comes to land investing or land ownership.

And if you've never been through the process before, negotiating with a buyer or trying to determine when to sell a property, or for how much, can be downright daunting.

The decisions you make are often the difference between wealth and expense. So it's important to do your homework and understand everything you can about land, land buyers, and real estate development.

With this 'Complete Landowners Guide', we wanted to make it easy for you.

We've made our fair share of mistakes during real estate due diligence and land ownership - failed to time the market, didn't structure our real estate exit strategy correctly, and spent money on land entitlements without having a good idea of who the end buyer would be. 

So I built this Landowners Guide precisely so you wouldn't make the same mistakes I have. 

Make more thoughtful, calculated decisions, and ultimately achieve more profitable results. 

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