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You've probably helped a Kickstart campaign...or maybe 10. That's pledge crowdfunding - you donate and feel good about it. But did you realize that the JOBS Act of 2012 was implemented in 2016 to allow for equity/investment crowdfunding?

Well, it was. And that's got huge implications for developers, supporters of community projects, business owners, and investors.

We're thrilled to convene a panel of experts to highlight some of the exciting opportunities it creates! Learn more below 👇👇 or view on demand



Drive through any city or suburb and you see plenty of examples of good and bad development. But, either way, they often have something in common. They took big money and political connections to get done. And too often that puts opportunities out of the reach of small-scale developers, property and business owners, private investors, and community visionaries that want to change neighborhoods for the better.

That's where equity crowdfunding can come in. It is powerful enough to make:

  • otherwise impossible projects bankable and feasible
  • communities more welcoming and increase ownership and participation
  • small business expansion possible
  • wealth and investment accessible to many
  • brownfield and "speculative" development actually feasible for regular financing

If it's so great, why isn't everyone using it? Well, frankly, not everyone needs it. There are large-scale, deep-pocketed, well-connected developers who are content to maintain the status quo. But for everyone else, there are two reasons.

First, there are regulatory ins and outs.

Second, and more importantly, not many people know about it.

So Marsh & Partners is thrilled to introduce this panel of experts. Together we're going to change the second - everyone should know about it! And we're going to demystify the first with tips and insights, and access to a huge, valuable set of resources.

Who Should Watch This to Learn More about Equity Crowdfunding?

You should watch on-demand now, if you are:

  • a supporter of community (re)development with a vision for a better, brighter neighborhood
  • a private investor interested in accessing opportunities for participation in exciting, profitable commercial real estate projects
  • a developer looking for financing to make small projects feasible and collaboration to build enthusiastic community support
  • a government agency, non-profit organization, or community group that believes Public/Private collaboration is the shortest path to better outcomes

The Experts

Our panel of crowdfunding experts will be moderated by Matt Marsh and will include:

Clark Henry crowdfunding expertClark Henry

Based in Wilmington, NC, Clark is the owner of CIII Associates and a Senior Program Manager with the International City/County Management Association (ICMA.) An early advocate of crowdfunding in commercial real estate, Clark is also co-founder of an equity crowdfunding services firm called Our Move. He'll share insights with attendees and real-world anecdotes from the Our Ogden project he's personally leading.


John Panaccione business crowdfunding expertJohn Panaccione

CTO and Managing Principle of Folla Capital, John has deep ties to North Carolina having arrived in 1986 as a young officer in the 82nd Airborne, and subsequently founding businesses and a non-profit in Wilmington. Following a successful exit he cofounded Folla and focuses on crowdfunding for business start-ups and expansion. He'll discuss how veteran-owned and other businesses can use equity crowdfunding to finance business expansion.

Equity Crowdfunding Topics We'll Cover

  1. Benefits for both: financial interests (investors, developers) and community supporters (ownership and participation in redeveloping brownfield and blighted properties.)
  2. Who are common stakeholders and how does crowdfunding benefit them, especially compared to other financing models.
  3. Why opt for crowdfunding when there's so much money sloshing around.
  4. What kinds of projects it's particularly well suited for.
  5. Real-world, actionable insights from actual and potential projects.

The Crowdfunding Webinar Event Details


Duration: approximately 40 minutes of material, followed by 10 minutes of question and answer

Registration: Simple! Just submit the form below.

Cost: Free (please note that we'll add you to our email list and share your registration details with CIII Associates and Folla Capital)

Resource Kit: We'll share lots of resources 


Is This Only for North Carolina Residents?

Absolutely not!

Both Clark and John are based in Wilmington, NC and Matt is based in Raleigh. The concepts and principles are broadly applicable though, and investors across the country are looking for opportunities to participate in the rapid, exciting, sustainable growth of the Raleigh, NC market.

So whether you're growing a business, eager to improve a community or own property in North Carolina, or you live elsewhere and want a piece of the amazing Raleigh scene, or even just want to learn more, this webinar is for you.

Watch on-demand now.