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Gain some actionable insights into your business  

Most real estate transactors are just that... transactors.

They look at the business through the lens of their pace of deal flow. Happy to push papers from one side of the transaction to the other. 

And because they're deal-focused, they're incentivized to sell you on the limited selection of services they offer - buy or sell a property, or lease some space - because that's all they know and that's how they get paid.

But as a business owner, that doesn't help you.

You're already wearing too many hats, juggling the day-to-day operations while also trying to craft your long-term strategy and steer the ship towards success.

You shouldn't be trying to decipher how your real estate strategy impacts your business strategy. 

A build-to-suit might be your answer. Or maybe lease-to-own.

Or maybe they're not. But soon, you'll know for sure.

After taking our proprietary business insights assessment, you'll have a better understanding of your business's needs, what to consider based on your long-term goals, and several actionable steps you can take so your real estate better enables your operations.

We'll also leave you with a variety of resources to help educate you on different types of real estate transactions, and most importantly their impact on your business. Get started by taking our assessment below



Most small business owners end up as commercial landlords by accident. They start a business, lease some space, realized they've scaled and the space doesn't work for them anymore, so they go out a buy a building. 

That's a problem. Because the real estate often isn't optimized and the process lacks intentionality. 


The truth is, real estate is much more than just the place you work - it should complement your business's strategy.

Implications to your strategy include:

  • the legal structure and treatment of your real estate impacts your bottom line
  • balance sheet and capital allocation impacts
  • accounting and tax considerations
  • growth and program analysis
  • corporate culture
  • operational efficiency and facility optimization
  • diversification from core business operations 
  • retirement and estate planning

Why doesn't everyone think this way?

You wouldn't make a business decision unintentionally, so why does it happen so frequently with real estate? 

It's in large part due to ignorance.

There isn't a single place that answers all these questions. Not to mention, every situation calls for a different recipe of tactics and strategy based on your operations and growth.

And as I said before, transactors aren't incentivized to open your eyes to the plethora of options available to you.

But that's where Marsh & Partners comes in. We've built a library of insights and resources for investors and small businesses, and this assessment will get you started on the path to taking control of your real estate strategy.

Our business insights tool is a game-changer

Business doesn't come with an instruction manual - there isn't any roadmap for success. But principals need to look at their overall portfolio as two separate entities. 

Maybe you need capital for growth. Or maybe your core business is driving higher margins than real estate could. Or maybe you're restructuring and planning an exit strategy. Or maybe your space just doesn't work for you and you don't know what makes sense.

Whatever the situation, there's a solution. 

Let Marsh & Partners connect the dots for you. Fill out the quick form, take the assessment and let's begin strategizing.

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