What Makes Marsh & Partners Different?

Matt Marsh shares the key things that make Marsh & Partners a better choice for small business owners, investors, and real estate developers.

Marsh & Partners is transforming how the real estate industry serves customers - better aligning client outcomes, service delivery, stakeholders, and financial interests: offering nationally relevant real estate consulting and advisory services and investment and development opportunities with a focus on the vibrant Raleigh, RTP, & Triangle real estate markets.

What's the key to maximizing the value of your property or real estate asset? Aligning your short and long-term goals and real estate strategy.

But the right approach isn't binary - it involves layers of compounding tax, wealth, and asset diversification implications.

If you're looking for a fresh perspective in achieving your property's highest and best use, or how to better position your real estate to achieve your goals, let's chat.

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Businesses / Owner-Occupants

If you're a typical owner-operator, your real estate assets have probably accumulated organically - as a byproduct of your operations. And it's easy to think of your business and your real estate as one and the same.


Each contributes to income and wealth creation - but a creative real estate strategy considers your specific business operations, tax, growth, capitalization, equity, and wealth considerations.

Maybe your real estate is worth more than your business. Or maybe your real estate would be worth more leased to someone else. Or maybe your business's growth demands that you consider a sale-leaseback. 

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Real estate investors consistently tell us they're looking to maximize risk-adjusted portfolio returns while minimizing management obligations. 

Then they tell us they're tired of only being able to find overpriced real estate - which generates average returns using the same worn out strategies.

Your investment goals are special. Let's connect to chat about how our real estate solutions are different and effective. 

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Best Use - Best Results

Every piece of real estate has a highest and best use. And in a world of finite resources, wouldn't you want to maximize your yield from a property?

Frequently, owners come to us saying they know their real estate is worth something, but they don't know what to do with it. 

So instead of guessing, let's chat about maximizing your property's economic utility. Because more than likely, the land's best use will yield the best results for you. 

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Strategic Property Planning

Most small businesses become landlords by accident. Growth drives the need for space expansion, but the acquisition process lacks deliberateness.

And this often leads to unsatisfactory results - because real estate should serve as a tool to enable your operations, rather than hinder them.

Not to mention, evolving workplace strategy is changing the way customers and businesses interact. Property planning can have a significant impact on your wealth, income, and tax optimization. 

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Contemporary Development

Today's development requires a new formula to meet our changing lifestyles.

And building spaces where people want to live and work, today - and will continue enjoying in the future - demands challenging the status quo. 

For more on meeting the development demands of the future, and why contemporary development is the answer, let's chat. 

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Purpose Driven Portfolio

Mediocre strategy produces mediocre results. Just as a portfolio that isn't tailored to you specifically won't meet your goals.

Sadly an MBA is not a proxy for market knowledge. 

Your portfolio should be guided by your unique diversification needs. Informed by your appetite for risk, desired tenant profiles, and return requirements.

We believe in portfolio philosophy because only through disciplined execution will you really achieve the results you're looking for.

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Intelligent Brokerage

The brokerage community is reactive - they're thrilled just to shuffle papers and show up to collect their fee. And despite what most agents tell you, there's more to real estate than claiming it's a "seller's market."

So, instead of dealing with the same industry norms, you need a broker who will challenge assumptions. A broker with innovative deal sourcing methods and a non-formulaic approach to the marketplace. 

You shouldn't accept the industry normal as your normal.

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Site Selection

Why do so many business owners have trouble finding the right site? It's not an intuitive process.

You're an expert in managing your day-to-day operations and implementing your vision. Not dealing with the intricacies of land development, entitlement risk, and site characteristics.

So we'll handle all that for you. Let's chat about how our site selection services can optimize your business outcomes.

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Real Estate Due Diligence

Buying a quality commercial property is hard. Buying the right piece of land for a development project is even harder.

And after you close on a property, there's no returning it if you have buyer's remorse - every conceivable material fact or condition needs to be uncovered and investigated.

But the due diligence process is daunting and laden with pitfalls. And the biggest challenge isn't simply the long list of items you need to investigate, but rather how to sequence those due diligence activities to minimize risk and financial exposure.

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Land Entitlement

You ever wondered how a property evolves from a piece of raw dirt into a finished product? And I don't mean just the physical construction either.

Probably the most challenging and time-consuming aspect of a project is obtaining all the permits, rights, and approvals to even break ground.

And the problem is that without a firm grasp of the real estate development process, entitlement risk becomes a huge project unknown.

Leverage the experience of a full-time real estate developer to maximize the value of your property.

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Real Estate Project Management

Good luck finding a step-by-step roadmap to guide you through your real estate project...they don't exist.

And the skills and expertise required to take a project from initial concept and planning through close-out cross over so many different real estate and business functions - in many cases, it's a full-time job executing a development project full cycle.

But there's a solution.

Marsh & Partners can manage your project for you. So instead of fumbling through a process you don't know, you can spend time doing what you do best.

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Maybe you're a small business that wants to diversify risk. Or maybe you're an investor that is tired of average portfolio returns. Or maybe you're a developer that needs help navigating the project approval process.

It's time you found an advisor that doesn't treat every problem like a nail - because not every problem can be solved with a hammer. What you need is an advisor with a unique background and experience in problem-solving.

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From site selection to speculative development to build-to-suit - your development challenge is an opportunity to leave your mark on the future.

And the world is changing. The way people work, live, shop, and unwind looks different than it did yesterday - and it's not slowing down.

We don't have a crystal ball and may not know exactly how the world will look tomorrow - but through innovative and sound development practices, your vision can come to life.

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Every investor's needs are unique. But as investors ourselves, we understand the importance of building a purpose-driven portfolio.

Maybe you have a penchant for triple net leased (NNN) properties. Perhaps you prefer value-add real estate of a certain product type. Either way, experience matters.

And as institutions sit on more dry powder today than ever in history - you're up against greater competition. You need a pipeline of quality deals that meet your goals, and haven't been bid up.

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Joint Ventures (JV's) / Partnerships

Substantial barriers to entry have always existed in the real estate industry. Raising capital can be a challenge, it can take years to develop the skill set necessary to put a project together, and in many cases even longer to build a quality network of 3rd party consultants and partners.

Are you an investor that's lacking a key ingredient to getting a deal across the finish line? Or maybe you're a developer with access to capital, but you lack the resume to take down a project of the size and scope.

Marsh & Partners frequently engages in partnerships or joint venture opportunities where there is a good fit. We'd love to chat if it makes sense.

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