Why choose Marsh & Partners?

At Marsh & Partners we don’t just talk about creating value. We draw on Matt’s unique background in real estate and business development, and transitional military skill set and leadership experience to deliver value.

But don’t take our word for it. Let’s talk about how our platform disrupts the stagnant real estate industry and integrates your tax, income, and wealth creation goals with your business and investment strategy.

Check out our primary services below. We also offer some additional services you can learn more about here.

Site selection to find the right land development location to grow your business

Site Selection

Optimize business outcomes through intentional real estate site selection

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Marsh & Partners offers real estate due diligence services to help you investigate land for a project.

Real Estate Due Diligence

Minimize front-end development risk by thoroughly investigating a property

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Land entitlement services to help clients receive the permits and approvals they need for a real estate development project.

Land Entitlement

Prepare for development and maximize property value

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Real estate development project management services to deliver a smoother and less expensive project for your needs.

Project Management

Increasing project efficiency and delivering more timely outcomes

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Real estate consulting in Raleigh, North Carolina

Strategy / Consulting

Unorthodox strategy solutions for your real estate objectives

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From land acquisition to mixed-use development


Your opportunity to leave a mark on the community

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Creating wealth through efficient tax strategy


Creating sustainable wealth through multiple profit centers

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Integrating skills, capital and experience through real estate joint ventures in Raleigh, NC

Joint Ventures / Partnerships

Partnership opportunities to scale returns and reduce project risks

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Our background uniquely positions us to solve a wide array of challenges through various real estate services. I love creative problem solving and brainstorming with people that want to talk about real estate strategy and their objectives.

Schedule a 15-minute introductory call with me -  we'll talk about your needs and if our diverse services can help solve your investment and business goals.