Taking the Uncertainty Out of the Land Entitlement Process

Land entitlement is the legal process of obtaining all permits, rights, and approvals for real estate development or to alter a property for a specific use.

Sounds pretty dry, right? It is… It’s also time-consuming and expensive, and full of potential pitfalls if you don’t properly mitigate entitlement risk.

And one of the biggest challenges facing property owners, business owners, and other real estate stakeholders is they just don’t know what they don’t know - the real estate development process takes years to master.

Marsh & Partners offers land entitlement services to solve a variety of your pre-development challenges:

  • Coordination and management of engineers and 3rd party consultants
  • Coordination with local municipalities
  • Representation at public meetings
  • Real estate due diligence sequencing and cost management
  • Land planning
  • Land use, zoning, and variance solutions
  • Subdivision and recombination
  • Project permitting 

Make your next project as smooth and profitable as possible - obtain the necessary land entitlements to maximize the value of your property and shorten your project lifecycle.