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In an effort to challenge industry stereotypes, Marsh & Partners created the Commercial Real Estate Strategy Challenge to help business owners achieve their wealth goals and optimize their real estate.

Marsh & Partners Unveils Commercial Real Estate Strategy Challenge

The Real Estate Strategy Challenge focuses on business owners and the challenges they face pursuing wealth and business goals  Published Release:   Matt Marsh, founding partner of Marsh & Partners, today announced that the firm has developed a brand new Commercial Real Estate Strategy Challenge for business owners.  "The real estate industry has long failed small business owners," said Marsh. "Brokers want to talk you into buying or selling, developers only want to build, and bankers aren't in the business of offering creative financing solutions. And it's created an environment of misaligned incentives and siloed expertise" The Commercial Real Estate Strategy Challenge offers business owners a new outlook on their real estate strategy, but more importantly how it impacts their business's bottom line. And by examining things like ownership structure, balance sheet considerations, optimal financing, and wealth creation, owners will walk away from the Strategy Challenge thinking about the real estate angle of their business in new and exciting ways. 

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