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A comprehensive guide through the real estate development process meant for small businesses and investors interested in real estate development.

New Guide to Navigating the Real Estate Development Process - Development Made Simple

Marsh & Partners Publishes Guide to Help Stakeholders Better Understand & Navigate the Real Estate Development Process   Matt Marsh, founding partner of Marsh & Partners, today announced that the firm has published a new guide "Real Estate Development Made Simple." "The real estate development process can be brutal - it's risky, time-consuming, and unpredictable," said Marsh. "And experience in development is valuable, so many developers keep information tightly guarded. And that creates a disconnect between those service providers and potential customers." The comprehensive 65-page guide offers a deep dive look into the process of real estate development and then takes a non-technical, jargon-free, step-by-step approach to walk readers through each phase involved in developing a property from start to finish - applicable for small businesses, investors, and developers alike. 

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