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A build-to-suit is not the only approach to optimizing real estate strategy. Marsh & Partners' assessment will help answer these questions for businesses

Build-to-Suit & Commercial Real Estate Strategy Assessment

Marsh & Partners Unveils New Real Estate Strategy Assessment to Help Small Business Owners Better Align Strategy  Published Release:   Matt Marsh, founding partner of Marsh & Partners, today announced that the firm has published a new real estate strategy assessment tool. The assessment will give business owners more of an understanding of what real estate solutions are available, in an effort to help better align real estate and business strategy and enable core operations. "A lot of business owners come to us saying they want to engage in a build-to-suit. And maybe that's what makes the most sense." said Marsh. "But it's important that the decision is intentional. All too often, small business owners become commercial landlords by accident, and their real estate is not optimized for their operations." The strategy assessment will ask participants a series of questions about their business, personal and professional goals, growth projections, operations, and strategy - with contingent follow-up questions based on a respondent's answers. Once complete, participants will receive a personalized email with applicable resources and some thoughts based on their situation.

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