New Real Estate Development Consulting Service for Business Owners

Marsh & Partners launches a new real estate development consulting service for business owners 

Published Release -

Raleigh, NC - 19 March, 2023

Matt Marsh, founding partner of Marsh & Partners, today announced a new real estate consulting service aimed at helping business owners deliver new facilities more efficiently. 

With the announcement, Marsh said, "Business owners are experts in their craft and problem solvers by nature. But many don't have the bandwidth or the expertise to develop a new facility. And real estate development is getting more and more complex - municipalities continue to add friction to the process, and the bloat of bureaucracy isn't slowing down." 

Traditionally, the development industry is extremely disjointed - disparate project consultants work in silos of limited expertise and deliver services according to their priorities. Business owners are then left trying to develop the new facility themselves while also running their businesses. Marsh & Partners is disrupting the status quo by helping business owners manage development projects from start to finish.

There's so much involved in a real estate development project - site selection & land acquisition, real estate due diligence, land entitlement & permitting, and ultimately construction and project closeout. And often, when owners try to manage their own projects, the original vision becomes lost in the minutiae of the development details - the alignment between business and real estate strategy, facility optimization, and tax and wealth-building implications fails to translate in practice. That ad hoc approach doesn't optimize a business owner's real estate for their larger business growth goals and objectives.  

Further, Marsh & Partners has codified this real estate development consulting service in an easy-to-digest 4-page guide that walks owners through the process. Businesses that are contemplating an owner-occupied development project should check out the small business development resource page for more information. 

Marsh continues, "Business owners take on a lot of risk when managing a project themselves. If they don't sequence their real estate due diligence tasks properly, or fail to manage land entitlement risks, they could spend money out of turn and end up with a project that doesn't meet their needs. And that's a risk that banks price into financing products - owners that bring on a real estate development consultant are looked upon favorably by lending institutions."

The small business real estate development consulting guide is available for free download here.

About Marsh & Partners:  It's past time for real estate to change to meet investors, developers, and small business owners needs and expectations. COVID has changed the market parameters, and Marsh & Partners is disrupting the execution. While many firms focus on transactions, Marsh digs deep into the investment and business goals to align not only property and project selection, but structure, ownership and financing to help achieve the goals. Founding partner Matt Marsh was born in NC, and brings the experience and perspective of years as a US Army Infantry Officer and his Wake Forest University Business School education to every client engagement.