Marsh & Partners to Host Webinar on Real Estate Crowdfunding

Published release: 

The panel discussion will explore actionable real estate crowdfunding topics of interest to project supporters and investors, on May 11th.

Matt Marsh, the founder of Marsh & Partners, announced an informational webinar to be held next month with industry experts on crowdfunded equity financing.

For too long commercial real estate development has been the domain of the well-capitalized and high net worth individuals. The Jobs Act of 2012 opened up equity crowdfunding as a new framework to fund innovative real estate projects.

Yet many business and property owners, supporters of community projects, redevelopment associations, municipalities, and developers haven’t fully tapped those opportunities.

That means that projects which might be unbankable never break ground - to the detriment of small businesses, community members and beneficiaries of redevelopment, and private investors.

Marsh & Partners is pleased to assemble a panel of crowdfunding and community development experts to share insights into how the approach can be used to make important projects feasible. That means more welcoming, community-focused development, reclaimed brownfield and abandoned properties, business expansion, small-scale projects, and lucrative private sponsorship and investment.

“I can’t think of a better pair than Clark Henry and John Panaccione to explore how crowdfunding has worked across North Carolina” comments Matt Marsh, Founder of Marsh & Partners. “Raleigh’s neighborhoods and businesses are perfectly positioned to leverage their expertise and these creative models to continue the exciting local growth trends.”

The 30-minute webinar will explore topics including:

  • Common use cases: supporters contributing to community projects and developers/investors using the approach to undertake small projects
  • Stakeholder benefits including community supporters, private investors and developers
  • Why equity crowdfunding makes a difference
  • Types of projects its best suited for
  • Real-world case studies from Wilmington and elsewhere in NC

Clark Henry of CIII Associates notes “Crowdfunding is so exciting precisely because it fosters the combination of responsible growth, ownership and profit, and community involvement. It’s a public/private partnership in the best sense."

“It’s perfectly suited for minority and veteran-owned small businesses, too.” comments John Panaccione. “It can replace or bridge more conventional funding that might not be accessible to those communities. At the same time, it enables profitable business growth and investment.”

The webinar will be held at 1 pm EDT on Tuesday, May 11. Registration is free. 30 minutes of discussion will be followed with an open forum for attendee questions, and each registrant will receive a valuable collection of crowdfunding informational and educational resources.

Register here to reserve your spot!

About CIII Associates: CIII Associates works with urban and rural communities on brownfield revitalization, economic development, parks and open space, stakeholder engagement, resource development, implementation planning, and environmental justice. CIII Associates applies a planner's perspective to turn liabilities into assets and leverage financial and technical resources of multiple groups to achieve a common vision. CIII Associates’ scope of services are scalable from very small to large project areas - from an individual site to corridors, districts, or entire cities they can help achieve your goals by leveraging your assets, facilitating partnerships, identifying resources, and leaving you an action based guide for implementation.

About Folla Capital: Folla Capital engages in private placement securities and other capital raising activities, focusing on exempt security offerings enabled under the JOBS Act of 2012, including Regulation Crowdfunding, Regulation D (Rules 504, 506(b) and 506(c)) and Regulation A (Tier 1 and Tier 2) offerings. Folla Capital’s core team started in North Carolina in 2018, facilitating the State’s intrastate investment crowdfunding program called the NC PACES Act. Based on this experience, they began the process of expanding nationally to help any company, in any state, raise capital using exempt offerings, including investment crowdfunding programs. 

About Marsh & Partners:  It's past time for commercial real estate to change to meet buyer needs and expectations. COVID has changed the market parameters and Marsh & Partners is disrupting the execution. While many firms focus on transactions, Marsh digs deep into the investment and business goals to align not only property and project selection, but structure, ownership, and financing to help achieve the goals. Founding partner Matt Marsh was born in NC, and brings the experience and perspective of years as a US Army Infantry Officer and his Wake Forest University Business School education to every client engagement.