Disrupting the Real Estate Hegemony #2 - Josh Crowell on the Current State of Real Estate Finance

I recently sat down with Josh Crowell, vice president at Grandbridge Real estate Capital.

Josh specializes in debt placements for commercial real estate investment and development projects.


The real estate market is always evolving. And right now, inflation, rising interest rates, market volatility, and a continued real estate supply and demand imbalance have many in the real estate and finance communities bracing for a downturn.

The capital markets are tightening - lenders are less apt to take on imprudent risk and their underwriting assumptions have evolved to better reflect the current market conditions.

Josh talks about the current and future state of real estate finance and how investors and developers need to come to terms with the reality that the access to debt they've enjoyed for the last 10+ years is no longer.

We also discuss what real estate lenders look for in project sponsors and how junior developers and investors can better navigate banking relationships for better rates and more financing opportunities.


Connect with Josh Crowell & Grandbridge Capital

Josh on Linkedin - https://www.linkedin.com/in/joshuahammillcrowell/

Josh with Grandbridge Capital - https://www.grandbridge.com/our-people/josh-crowell.html