Marsh & Partners launches commercial real estate information website

Matt Marsh Unveils The Firm's Updated Website Which Provides Extensive Commercial Real Estate Commentary and Insight

Published Release - 

Raleigh, NC - 31 March, 2021

Matt Marsh, founding partner of Marsh & Partners, today announced the publication of the firm's new website.

With the announcement Marsh said "For way too long, the commercial real estate business has been about guarding and protecting information. We're committed to change that. We believe that our disruptive, finance based approach and IP provide so many rich and provocative investment and business ideas, that sharing them will provide value and earn us business and clients."

The site includes a growing library of commentary on market trends, COVID impacts, tax implications and specific real estate strategies including sale-leasebacks, syndicated finance, and real estate syndications.

Frequently commercial real estate assets simply evolve and are accumulated in the course of building wealth and growing a business. Often that ad hoc approach may not optimize the portfolio for the larger goals and objectives. But sudden change is unwelcome and risky. Business owners, fund managers, private investors and developers all need time to research and digest disruptive and innovative approaches. The Marsh & Partners site, and commitment to sharing market ideas, responds to this need.

The site also takes a bold approach - focused on buyer, client, and investor goals and objectives. While most commercial real estate firms just pitch themselves, the Marsh & Partners philosophy is reflected in the site content and user experience. It's focused on fostering REQ™- Commercial Real Estate™ Intelligence

Marsh continues, "Nobody needs a gelled hair, hyper caffeinated, Gucci loafered high pressure pitch. Our site reflects our approach - we want to share ideas, and if they make sense, we're delighted to carve out some time to chat. We want every website visit and meeting to end with some valuable information exchanged."

Visitors are welcome to visit and to subscribe to the blog for periodic articles and insights.

About Marsh & Partners:  It's past time for commercial real estate to change to meet buyer needs and expectations. COVID has changed the market parameters and Marsh & Partners is disrupting the execution. While many firms focus on transactions, Marsh digs deep into the investment and business goals to align not only property and project selection, but structure, ownership and financing to help achieve the goals. Founding partner Matt Marsh was born in NC, and brings the experience and perspective of years as a US Army Infantry Officer and his Wake Forest University Business School education to every client engagement.