Disrupting the Real Estate Hegemony #1 - Pakira Founder Andrew Gibson Talks Lumber

Where's the wood?

I recently sat down with an old high school classmate, Andrew Gibson. 

Andrew is an entrepreneur, fellow Bostonian, and more recently founder of Pakira.

The lumber and construction industries are in desperate need of some disruption - for too long they've been resistant to change at every sign of innovation. And that resistance translates directly into inefficiency felt by everyone from the forest landowners and mills, to the lumber yards and builders.

Andrew experienced that disfunction firsthand as a commodities broker. He founded Pakira "by the industry, for the industry" to increase the efficiency of information sharing and deal flow across the lumber supply chain.

Andrew discussed his founder journey, which began humbly, buying and selling textbooks out of a boxtruck on the campus of UNH. He wrapped up with his ultimate vision for Pakira (hint: it doesn't just stop with transforming the lumber industry). 


About Pakira

Pakira strives to serve the wholesale wood industry across the entire supply chain: forest landowners, mills, manufacturers, distributors, traders/brokers, and lumber yards/builders/dealers. Driven by the industry's priorities, Pakira aims to empower your business and arm you with an all-in-one toolkit featuring a 120,000+ company directory, chat, forum, order tracking, and more.

For more information, visit pakira's website: https://pakira.com/


Connect with Andrew Gibson & Pakira

Andrew on LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/in/andrewthomasgibson/

Pakira on LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/company/pakira/